About us

In 1830 the beer house act came into force, this meant anyone with a license could brew ale or cider and sell it from a public house or their own homes. This meant 100’s of beer houses sprung up all over England and the FORESTERS ARMS in Grosvenor Street in Cheltenham was one of them opening it’s doors in 1870. But by 1903 and 5 landlords later it was to close due to the decline in sales.

Over the years since the FORESTERS ARMS closed the property has been used for a number of different businesses. POPS HOME BREW opened its doors at 10 Grosvener Street in July 1988 by Pauline and Steve. Over the next 6 years they built up a good reputation for great products and a wealth of knowledge which anyone could call upon. In 1994 I joined the family business when we opened our branch in Gloucester, this sadly closed in 2000; but over that 6 years I also learnt a lot about the home brew products which we sold. In 2002 Pauline and Steve retired and I took over with my wife Sue.

Many products have changed over the years from the wine and beer kits to Stills all of which I try to find out as much as I can so we help when needed.

Beer making is a passion for me, and in 2010 I set myself a challenge to produce the best beer kits possible but with least amount of fuss to make. In July 2011 we launched the FORESTER’S ARMS ALES with 7 different beers, with the aim to have 12 beers which we now have. We also have limited edition beers which are inspired by some of my favourite commercial beers which come out at different times of the year.

FORESTERS ARMS ALES offers you the highest quality beer making kits in the market today. We are constantly trying out new recipes and are always looking at ways to improve on what we have started; making small changes to a recipe can make a big difference.

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